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How does stationery "occupy" customer's heart

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-05


            In the fierce competition in the present,it will be a success when the stationery products can "occupy" the heart of consumer,but if the stationery stores want to stand out in the many brands and products, then what should they do to have a special place in consumers' mind?



            One, to set up the brand


            Brand power in the eyes of consumers is increasing,brand construction can attract more entrepreneur's attentions,it can effectively improve the market share and economic benefits of the office stationery products.It not only rely on the media publicity, but also including channel construction, customer management, marketing management, etc.At the same time, as a non-first-line brand,if we want to be the first to have the regional market share of the cake, then we can only play the card of "cost-effective".The appearance design of the product must be the most popular modeling, and the material selection must base on environmental protection material.


            Two, continuous innovation


            Product must has innovation so that can attract consumers' attention, in fact it is not difficult for the innovation, what is really difficult is we don't pay attention to the details in life, and lack of survey for the consumers.Because innovation itself comes from the mastery of detail.Only comes from life and the life details,then the product will win resonance with consumers.


            How to attract the attention of more consumers?"Go through the new pattern" is the most effective.In addition to the traditional promotions, discounts, stationery stores can also have new patterms, such as opening a small piece of place to disabuse for the consumers, let consumers know more knowledge of stationery products.New ideas should be unique characteristics,and it is an effective way to let the shop become popular.


            Three, have channels to market


            In the market environment of oversupply,if there is a channel then there is product distribution network, the network means the market today, channel construction is still the  top priority of enterprises.So how to do well in channel construction and the distribution network has become the key operations to the enterprises.


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