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Common classification of office stationery products

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-06


           For the operators of the wholesale stationery,to manage a stationery store is not easy.In addition to the good resources and the good management method,it is in order to know about the management rules of office stationery,so that can be better provide classify supplies for stationery.So in the office environment,how to classify the office stationery?In general, office stationery is divided into three kinds : consumables, consumables management and management.



          Consumables of students stationery including pencil, razor blades, glue, tape, pin, pushpin, notebook, carbon paper, file, labels, note paper, writing paper, eraser, clip, etc.These products are common consumables stationery which can't be recycled, and is also impossible to reuse.


           Consumables management refers to the monthly consumption and the market price of each consumables,as well as a variety of consumables. Management consumables should be limited use,and must take the old product to replace product, but except the pure consumables (such as copy paper, fax paper).This includes: pen, fluorescent pen, correction fluid, battery, linear paper, etc.

           Management products listed in the transfer, the personnel job changes and leaves should hand over formalities.If there is a failure or damage,then it shall take the old product to replace new products,if got lost then will be the loss compensation or purchased by individuals or department.Including: scissors, pen knife, stitching machine, punching machine, pen, code machine, cap name, date, chapter, date stamps, computer, Indonesia, etc.


          Know for the certain specialized management of stationery products, stationery shop owner can timely understand the seasonal change of the market in the process of purchasing and sales according to the demand of consumer changes.


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