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Two points to improve the added value of stationery enterprise:talent and technology

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-15

In recent years, there were some stationery production enterprises with stong strength invested in the new product development and sueceeded in market.The enterprise through the new products production realize the transformation and upgrade.We should be aware of the innovation and new product development are still in the early stages.It is a long term from "copy innovation"to the "independent innvation".

Wutongdiao,the dputy director of Chian foreign trade development council.He had said that any product has a life, and with the progress of science and technology,a kind of any products would be are replaced by other product in higher technology, more function.Under the overproduction market,the enterprise would not survive if not pay attention to the new product.

Constantly develop new product is the necessary of enterprise.Lepusheng stationery are pay more attention to the connotation development,it is strengthen the consciousness of new prodcut development and establish research and development department.To improve the stationery design system and developing  the marketable and competitive new products.

The product technology content means the market capacity.To develop the new product must have the guarantee from talent and technology.The enterpise should according to the own characteristic to make the personnel planning,trying to attract the technological personnel and management personnel,strengthen the coopeation with the colleges, scientific research units and alliance.To introduced the advanced technology and accelerate the progress of science developing.And created the new products in high quality.

However, we can find there are some problems in the developing new products of stationery manufacturer.Most of enterprise are start on the labor-intensive,and always has the low level productivity.And lots of them also lack of the talents.The professional and technical personnel are in the uneven level.And there are unassure of the new product development.

There were appreaed lots of problems in the new product production in the product quality inspection and the product marketing such as developed new product without the market demand,blindly to produce the product ,ignored the market development or make the mistake in the market development. And it will cause the new product unsuiteable to the market and resulting in a large number of new product backlog.

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