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Innovation is key,new rule for the stationery enterprise

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-13

China stationery is developing rapidly,it is make developed countries feels surprised and let they aware there is a new market in China.So that the multinational companies coming in succession.The domestic stationery enterprise in the such competitive stationery market,they should be aware there are many competitor.

Stationery enterprise have to strengthen their competitiveness then on fact of the competition.In past,the people talked about the enteprise enterprise competitiveness,they usually consider the competitive factors such as market,user,competitiors, the technical level, policies and legal environment and so on.And ignore the innovation.However,the innovation of stationery product is get more and more attentioned.In fact, The stationery enterprises will lost the competitiveness without crisis.The  stationery enterprises should has the crisis awareness then to get away of crisis.

The key of the innovation is "new",its structure, performance,external or the design needs be improved.

Stationery products innovation comes from the market demand, it is meet the demand of market in product technical.It can be said the innovation is basis on the market demand,through the clear research direction and the innovation activities then create the such suitable product. In the real enterprise, the product innovation is always between in technology and demand.According to characteristics of the stationery  industry to match.Product innovation is the result both in improved of  technology and demand.

As a whole,Chinese stationery production equipment is lower then the advanced industrialized countries,there are the gap between in the equipment, structure, process,material selection and the manufacturing speed.The first-class stationery should has the fine  product mechanical,technological requirements of assembly and the appear design.China stationery manufacturer still weak in that.

China stationery manufacturer mus realize that,the capital will take more benefits to the enterprise besides the high quality product. The managerment team and the professional managerment is the guarantee for the enterprise industrial chain.Based on the industry market and the competition environment,repositionging the R&D,manafucture and sales to extablish close ooperation production cooperation with manufacturer.And to realize the sacle effect through the group production.

If to seek the development of China stationery manufacturing enterprise in future,it must rely on the core competitiveness and the advantage instead of opportunity.The work planing for 3 years,5 years or longger instead of a daily,monthyly or annual.Basied on the planning and strengthen technical input.

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