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Predict stationery exports will increase,enterprise should do more efforts

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-10

Stationery as one of large exporting products in China.It realize the consonance with international.And make the China stationery enterprise towards the world.During the 2011 to the half of 2012 year.Influenced by the objective environment,stationery industry will rapid development or slow down.But it is predicted that there is the growth of stationery exporting in 2013.

Big gap in the stationery industry at home and abroad

Compared with the USA, Japan and other manufacturing country,there is the big gap in the stationery indusgry at home and abroad.Corporate America is characterized by large scale,automation, digital production and the mature digital control technology.There are the informatization from the desing to the production sharing.

Although there is the broad market in the stationery,the industrial structure is not complete and lack of the leader.The weakness of stationery product competitiveness,and lacking the combination between enterprise.And loss of discourse in the raw material purchase and  the sales price.

Enterprise should to solve much problems

To solve above problems,China stationery enterprise should to make the plan now,and don't put the money into the duplication production for low or medium proudct.It should be used in the innovation or the technological upgrading,to improve the level of the enterprise intelligent equipment.Meanwhile,stationery industry also should  based on  the domesitc sales market,keep the standardize market and oppose an stop the price dumping.

Technology, craft level is important,but management level is more improtant for the enterprise.Because of the production of each link can be make the profits.In the management process,China is far behind the foreign enterprise.We have the equipment and process but without high quality talents and the management security.It is impossible in the large amount in stationery supply.

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