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E-commerce became the the "green channel" of small and medium-sized stationery enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-19


           With the gradually development of e-commerce,all walks of life are all in the field of e-commerce.More and more technology marketing approach has been applied to the enterprise marketing mode.The marketing mode of stationery enterprises is gradually diversified.Those stationery enterprises just alone with traditional mode are difficult to have a breakthrough, the weak foreign trade environment makes the enterprise be trapped and the rising cost of domestic situation even make the stationery industry step more difficultly.In this tough competitive environment, many small and medium-sized stationery enterprises  started  to explore a new way of e-commerce.



          As the structure adjustment of stationery industry and deepen ceaselessly, the process of transformation from traditional stationery to modern stationery is speeding up, the electronic commerce is introduced inevitably into it, and will become indispensable catalyst to the innovation.E-commerce has incomparable advantage over the traditional marketing channels: low cost of sales,localization of target customers, one to one personally marketing and rich and comprehensive information, etc.Not only such, e-commerce can also help to accumulate public praise for the office stationery brand, cultivate a fixed consumer groups.Because of cost savings and comply with the trend, e-commerce is more popular for buyers and sellers.


          If want to have transformation and upgrading with the help of e-commerce in the stationery industry ,then must have professional perfect management.The stationery industry has a very wide range , such as the primer, pen bag,stapler, automatic pencil, and mature name-brand product,all of them are suitable to use e-commerce marketing.The outstanding characteristic is to ease and transparency, can take one-on-one online direct marketing strategy for target customers, As the main part of the stationery industry.The small and medium-sized enterprises tend to use third-party e-commerce platform. Professional e-commerce platform of stationery with subdivision, because brought together a large number of industry enterprises, can be more effectively to carry out the network marketing for small and medium enterprises.In recent years,Lepusheng use electronic commerce to set up their own marketing channels and establish their own brands, and opened a sina enterprise microblogging to interact with consumers, on the one hand,it reflects the fairness, convenience of e-commerce, on the other hand it can save a lot of cost.


         In the development of industry, online pricing may impact offline price system, at the same time, the e-commerce may have certain requirement to suppliers on price, thus squeezing the profit margins of suppliers, then affect the cooperation of both sides.If stationery enterprises want to success to expand online business, it must consider how online marketing combined with physical presence, and ultimately to highlight the core competitiveness of cheap price and at the same time protect the existing system of price, to distinguish the part of the online and offline products, all of these are the problems which must be considered by office stationery enterprises to enter the e-commerce.


         Electronic commerce is the product under the age of the Internet, in the stationery market, Internet business model is still in the exploratory stage.Although it has brought opportunities for development of small and medium-sized stationery enterprises,it should adjust measures to local conditions in the development of enterprises and can't do blindly.When facing the pressure inside and outside environment,small and medium-sized stationery enterprises also need to rely on e-commerce platform to effectively integrate product flow, logistics and customer flow, then open up a "green channel" in the development of enterprises.


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