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What should we know when doing stationery wholesale

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-02


          Cultural goods has a broad prospect which also makes many entrepreneurs  rush into stationery industry. As a necessity of daily learning work,stationery products are popular with the students and white-collar crowd, intense stationery industry makes those new members hold back, so we should know some knowledge of opening a shop before doing stationery wholesale work:



          One, quality of stationery


          Quality of the students stationery decided the sales of store, and also the key that whether the stationery wholesale shops can survive for a long time.Now stationery product updates faster, there are new products in every week so that it can ensure the freshness of stationery products.In addition, to guarantee novel styles, we also should attach great importance to the quality of stationery products. With refined processing to create high quality products.So the latest style and best quality is the important factor which can attract the customers.


            Two, the source of customers


            The location of consumer groups is the most important factor.No matter it is  retail or group purchase, we all should fully take into account this point.Retail is mainly to see location,and group-buying depend mainly on relationship and ability.For wholesale stationery shop owner, the important of the location main in both two kinds of customers, to attract both end consumers and to attract the retail shop owner.


            Three, market dynamics


            Stationery wholesale market and the wholesalers of wholesale market are both exist  two business nature on wholesale and retail shop, some wholesalers make packaging as a unit, or pieces as a unit , some of them also do retail business.So stationery shop should mainly focus on the wholesale market and the same kind of stationery shop,to compare the products with other information of stationery products such as new product, price, etc in the management .


            Four, management style


           Of course it is about the amount of investment by wholesalers and it is different between customers and goods in the management , therefore, some of them only do large wholesale, and some also do retail .When purchasing a different number of goods,mainly consider the price, so it could be a better price with a large amount, the service is relatively different.So the shop owners should mainly do well in related management work.


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