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How do small and medium stationery enterprises expand the influence of their brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-13

        There are quality assurance and technical support in the current stationery market from regional to national,while complete brand strategy planning is indispensable.Brand represents the image of the enterprise,it is also the bridge that can make it communicate with consumer directly, if you want to win the trust of consumers in the first time, brand building is indispensable.


          If small and medium-sized enterprises want to get the success of the brand in the market,they should not only pay more attention to the products or product features in marketing, but also should pay more attention to the customer's experience.The construction of the brand can no longer led by the company or Marketing Department, this process must be integrated into the customer's opinion, also require the participation of employees, because they need experience.Only the quality of the product growing up,then the great brand will follow.So what should small and medium stationery enterprises pay attention to enlarge the influence of the brand ?


        One,determine the brand attributes


       To make your brand have positive attributes, such as "changing the world" or "happiness", etc., but not from the angle of the competition.Imagine it ,you don't buy the things that just because the enterprise win in the competition,right?This is not a reason to persuade consumers to spend.If you want to win in the competition, and create exciting brand, then you don't have to make this brand in your desire to beat your opponent.


       Two, get the brand positioning


       For positioning.It is not an easy thing to find a correct position and spread it.However, many companies have tried a variety of product positioning, because they are afraid of being constrained by a particular market segment, but covet the whole market.For example, Lepusheng focus on the research and development of stationery production such as correction tape ,correction fluid and so on, assuming that each stationery involved,then i may not have the special, fine features today.So enterprises can do specialization to have a positioning.


       Three, find the brand characteristic


       There are a lot of product description will be "quality is good, easy to use", etc., this description can be used by almost all products,it can be said thay homogeneity slogan can make your description useless.So you should find out the product characteristics, then describe it, then have a narration to the consumer.


       Four, expand information of the dissemination


       Once the brand positioning information is the perfect,then it should be injected into the whole company.In many companies, people believe that as long as they issued a press release or put ads, the whole world will understand these information.Actually otherwise, sometimes even the employees can not fully understand it.To ensure that every employee, especially the first line of the employees understand the brand strategy and positioning information.


       Five, pay attention to public relations


       Many stationery companies spend money to advertise, trying to build brands.When it comes to brand positioning, the more money may be worse instead, because lots of money tend to do stupid things,just like to pay big money to sponsor super game.Brand is built on the evaluation that others give you, rather than based on the description of the puff.If you have a perfect product, and someone willing to spread,then people will make a high praise to you.


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