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Large-scale production and quality assurance in stationery industry should be improved

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-22


          With the growing demand for stationery in recent years,the development of stationery industry has become more and more mature, and consumers also tend to rational consumption.Even so,due to the low threshold of production,it still exists the phenomenon that the good and bad are intermingled, there are many" 3 without "manufacturer hidden in it.



          Although lots of consumers have has tend to buy brand stationery, but "3 without" manufacturer still has a certain market, existence is reasonable, not all the consumers tend to the brand products, so that it makes many businessmen "enter" in it.While quality is  the eternal theme that makes enterprise become bigger in development, to build a strong brand,the quality assurance is necessary.The fierce competition in the internal environment and the improving standards of  foreign stationery have more strict requirements in all aspects of students stationery.


          At the same time, the enterprise scale also is closely related to the quality of the product.Mass production based on the long-term accumulation of manufacturing technology and process, at the same time, there are many different kinds of stationery products,we need to constantly adjust the production of products, according to the market demand,it requires companies have mature, stable, flexible production capacity, so that can effectively guarantee the stability of product quality in mass production and reduce the scrap rate.Large-scale production and quality assurance needs a lot of practice experience of accumulation and technical research and development ability,the time cost is very high,so the new enterprises are difficult to achieve in a short time.


          For small and medium stationery enterprises, in order to break through the shackles which hinders the development of quality ,and go further on the developing road, we must achieve the good quality, good production.Must have the awareness to improve the quality of stationery products,in a word, only standardize the production process in the development of the road ,we can go further.


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