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Analysis of current stationery manufacturing:exporting is weaking

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-04

According to the statistical results show that growth rate of the exporting value is declining since August for over 704 stationery manufacters.And there was a record low turnout in November 2012 and even appeared negative.Since the second half of 2012,the argument of the stationery industry development has no stop.

According to introducing, there is the three problems in the stationery enterprise:rising cost of raw materials,rising labour costs and the appreciation of RMB.The raw meterials such as paper,chemical have been rose.And the highest rose even by 20%.Additionlly,the weak in negotiation reduce the profit and increase in risk.

The experter advice that stationery foreign manufacturers shoud be sale at home and abroad in the such exporting environment.

"Compared with the domestic sales,export trade should more easy to make money".The product can be sell easily through the exhibition under the better market.OEM and designated brand are the mainly production mode for the exporting trade.And the enterprise can save a lot of spend of brand promotion and so on.Ever through there is not so optimistic in the exporting,the exporting enterprise are keep go on."Said by the some heads of businesses.It is why there are so many enterprise still go on at foreigh trade.

"For the enterprise which do well foreign trade,there are lots of problems to turn the sale to the foreign market.But sell at home and abroad is be better."After the financial crisi,more and more foreigh enterprise have turned to do the domestic sales.And there are many enterprise have opened the new channel for themseleves through the electronic commerce.Said by the people who work for the export business in company.Although the company has done the exporting business before,They were looked for the new mode since financial crisis in 2008,And get ready and pay more attention to the home market.

Financial crisis make the office supplier be sure to sell at home and abroad.And most of  stationery production manufacturers have done well in the business at home and abroad.And may stationery enterprises are trying to do the both sales and has got benefit in transform.

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