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Stationery Enterprises Need To Strengthen Cultural Construction And Promote The Brand Image

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-21


   With the evolution of the competition in stationery industry, price is no longer the only core in the industry , while brand effect is more important for the market, the major stationery enterprises  also need to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture when paying attention to products and marketing .


     Corporate culture, is the embodiment of the enterprise's comprehensive strength, the reflects of the  civilization degree of  an enterprise,and it is also the  the source that change from productivity of knowledge to productivity of  material . In order to win in the fierce market competition, make the enterprises bigger and stronger, and achieve the leapfrog development of the enterprise when the company faces new situation and new tasks, new opportunities and new challenges .We should built up the concept of  "manage enterprises with culture" ,and " thrive enterprises with culture". In order to further promote enterprise culture and set up a positive image, enhance the sense of belonging of  the staff and promote the sustained and healthy development of the  enterprises' culture , then finally achieve to the purpose of managing  the enterprise with culture .In combination with the practical situation of the company, and make an construction plan of the enterprise culture .


      Balance  the contradiction with external environment


      External environment of a enterprise is refers to the enterprise's survival and development ,and also needs to make a good relationship with all aspects of the world: the relationship with customers,  a good relationship with customer  is the most important connotation of enterprise culture, to deal well with the relationship with customer  we shoule maintain the rights and interests of consumers, and provide customers with satisfactory products and high quality of service.Trade relationship, is to properly handle the relationship with suppliers, follow the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit, and to provide the necessary technical services , suitable products and information services for dealers.Community relations, means  supporting activities of community public welfare , to provide services to the community, and maintain community environment.Government relations, means dealing with the relationship between the government, adhere to the law-abiding, the principle of the supremacy of the state.The news media relations, to know that  the news media can create a good external environment for enterprise development.

       The core of management consciousness should be strengthened


       To be  an intensive stationery industry , it is particularly important on the talent management .Some traditional enterprise  emphasize that  working hard is the culture, but now the staff will pay more attention  to respecting and developing, if we make working hard as the soul of stationery enterprise again then must appear a problem -- the employee expectations of stationery enterprises is changing, How do the stationery supplier  deal with it will determine the management effect. The demands of employees about work  are changing in recent years, it changed from the simple material meet  to more spiritual rewards, That Maslow's demand theory is a good way to illustrate this point, in the management of human resources in stationery enterprises , if they could cover more demand pyramid hierarchy,  that the staff turnover will reduce!


       Therefore, to realize the cultural management,we should infuse well of the senior managements' ideas , first we need to observe employees demand from bottom to top, understand the needs of them ,then meet their demands, if we can't do this, then we should have a communication with them or they will just work  for money.

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