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Declining in traditional enviroment of stationery manufacturers,industry upgrade is necessary

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-20

Affected by the rising cost and the malaise of global economic,stationery manufacturing has over the hill,coupled with a variety of electronic products has became the most popular gift of children.It make the traditional stationery manufacturers feel cold.Because can't stand the onslaught of new product,most of stationery enterprises loss orders about 50%.In face,the big stationery brand in Europ and America also suffered a giant market.Most of stationery enterprise are in the ways of self-help.

According to the survey of the foreign industry, At the begining of 2012,even the 5 years old children would receive the tablet PC as gift.And it makes the stationery manufacturers facing elimination.

China is the stationery production factory of world.Many enterprise expressed that the order have been shrunk.A company with more than 10 years experience in stationery production and export of enterprise excutivers said that the orders of exhibition are the determinants of the management.However,open the recent years order,we can found the line of sales was a falling diagonal lines.At the same time,the increasing of employee wages,rising costs of raw materials and the intense competition and the reducing profits also influence the development of traditional stationery enterprises.

The insider of stationery points out that the market share of electronic products such as point reading machine,computer are keep larger rising.And it makes the  the traditional stationery market share in further atophy.The electronic producs will be more favour of children and the user of traditional stationery also will be narrowed.And the competition of them will be increase.
Of course, besides the severe pressure of the market competition, traditional stationery enterprises also face so much problems.With the rising domestic labour costs,the appreciation of the RMB,and the increasing management costs,the export of enterprise still very cold.At the same time,there is lack of the innovation in stationery traditional stationery manufacturing at home.The  production of products is also difficult to attract children's attention.

Lepusheng stationery summary and analysis that to realize the breakthough of the tradional stationery by self.For this,Lepusheng company has carried out a series ways for breakthrough:First,to improve the innovation and inject new elements to the products;Second,to combining stationery and practicability during the product development.Third,to build own brands and take the brand development.

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