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Stationery enterprises rely on the media as "wedding" in the homogenization competition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-03

The development of industry is no only showing in the whole industry,but also in the changing student stationery.In the such changed ,we can find that the stationery production is no longer revolve around the core of product,but in the satisfaction of core product.

Under the such intense competitive market,stationery produce has already turned into the "Full supply with the intense service competition"from the "Less supply with the intense product competition".Consumers have replaced  "manufacturers and distributors",became the decider of consumption trend in stationery market.It is only to catch the consumer then to catch the market.So that the many stationery manufacturers and circulation channel are to take the constumer's preference.Such as using the happy sheep or the poplur network language as the stationery theme.

The homogenization of stationery products means that the product competition in future is not noly in the products for each stationery factories but also in the way how to provide the additional value for products.and the this additional value is the excellent service.The service began since the product borned.Stationery businessmen not only sell products but also offer the most sincere service.In stationery industry,how to put the product and the serivce into marketing?It is a problem.

In the process of product marketing,the final winner is someone who can take the lead in consumer's congnition and identity.And the communication media is so important in that process.The communication media(newspapers, radio, television, network and so on) and the content and frequency of communication of the media will influence the customer cognitive.

Especially,with the rapid development of the internet,information transfer is more and more fast,the prower of network transmission cannot be ignored.As its timely,interative and precision,the Internet has become a main media for the people.It can be said that it provide the best platform for the customers and enterprise.

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