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Office correction tape should fashion in design and close in price for young people

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-29

The office stationery appearence usually showing the deep color and single design.The main consumer groups of office stationer are the office worker,who in western dress and leather shoes.The current stationery market are more attention to the innovation.It has attracted many young office new guys through the artistic design,simple line,colorful colour and new meterial.


office stationry correction tape

The consumers borned after 1980 are represented the fasion and personalized.They idea and individual from the new age.Therefore,they have more popular idea from the life.And the Lepusheng stationery has launched the PET office correction tape for those consumers groups.The clear design,perfect shape and pretty color bring more vitality for the stationery product.As we have learned,The PET correction tape has not more in the domestic manufacturers.But it has attracts lots of eyes in young groups.Besides the pretty appearance,its volume is more longger then the general one.It is easy use and more benefit.

There are many stationery brand not only make the simple and modern shape,but also use the bright color such as yellow,oranger,blue and so on.Design is more emphasize the individualized and fashionable.It has be welcomed by many young consumers though it has been short time in market.

Some stationery  manufacturers has put more Chinese traditional elements into product.Such as Chinese painting or national totem.It is showing the honourable and suti for the business activities.

Office stationery wants to attract the young people.Besides should pay more attention to the design,the product prise also needs more colse to the people. Previous stationery price in the high price as the high price of raw material.But the current office stationery is more benefits by compared.Especially the PET correction tape with the solid tape and competitive price.

For the statiaonery prodcut consumers towards to young guys. Most of young consumers said that if the new price can be ensure the good quallity and  fine manufactring,it would be get the bigger consumer market basis on the low price.

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