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LPS finacial gel ink pen with high quality

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-12

Stationery with more and more intense market competition, there are various kinds of enterprises make the branding construction and different kind of humanized pen be designed.Lepusheng considring the usage of the  financial personnel then to produced a simle gel ink pen with professional quality.


LPS finacial gel ink pen with high quality

There are four special point in those gel pen as follows:

One,Simple mode and fashion design.

Modelling is a soul of pen,Financial special neutral pen with the fine model and made from the import environmental protection PC material.Under the strict technology requierments then to showing the elegant appearance.The body of pen shows the glittering and the bright in the translucent body.It is display the composed and meticulous of financial personnel.

Two, humanization design

The overall design depand on the human engineering design,the penholder within sweatband like the rising bamboo.It is easy to control and good for use.Suitable for long time writing.

Three,Fine in workmanship

The perfect stainless steel and the fine manufacturing technology strictly according to accreditation of Quality Management Systems Certificate ISO9001:2008 and the Environmental Management Systems Certificate ISO 14001:2008.

Four, importing ink with good qualiy

Made of mporting ink from Japan.And the Swiss Tip within bring color.To ensure the writing clear in the paper for the writing pen.It is early dry and water resistant,can keep the long preservation.It is suitable to the use in the financial documents.

Lepusheng finacial special gel ink pen,the good pen within the excellnet quality.

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