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Only the brand can bring advantages to stationery manufactuers

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-31

In recent years, there are more and more stationery enterprisers pay attention to the stationery brand.And there is a long-term accumlation and refining process of brand construction.Under the China crrent market,brand construction is urgent need. Predictably, under the stationery market,brand will be one part of stationery supplies.So that brand will be the survival talisman of market competition.

There are two important features in the current market:

On the one hand, there is the increasing consumption demand but lot of consumers are lack of the knowledge of proudcts.It is the best time to do well in the consumer guide and brand cultivation.On the other hand,the change speed of market and consumption are very fast.The consumption is influenced by the price.And thre are a number of market are lack of the brand loyalty.

Brand development is a part of enterprises development

There are the low barriers to entry into stationery manufacturing.So that stationery enteprises should pay more attention to the stationery enterprises.Only to set up a clear and unique brand image in consumers then to live in long time.

At presetn,there are variety of stationery suppliers in China stationery market.They take the different market with the copy production.Although the financial crisis marke make some of them out of the OEM stationery production market.But most of them are adjust the proudction and turn the marke to Chinese market instead of European and American markets.

Only from this point of view.The competition of stationery industry will be increasing.And the fierce competition will leave a lot of excellent enterprises.And under this competition is including raw materials,process,equipment,management, team, marketing, channel  and so on.But the core competitiveness is copy brand.

Brand construction need a lot of time and money.The big pay in brand construction make many office stationery suppliers with heavy pressure.With the rapid development of economic,stationery enterprise can keep maintain,but the current declining market make it hard.

Quality is the basis of enterprise.and brand is the guarantee of enterprise.Statioenry supplier will into the last war,brand competition.After the price competition and production competition.Stationery producter should pay more attention to the brand construction if want to take more market share in the crrent market.

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