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Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Is an Important Of the Stationery Market Development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-10-31

In recent years,all kinds of students stationery products markets growth rate of 10% to 20%; Office folder, office file cover and other office stationery's annual sales totaled up to more than billions. Although our country's stationery industry in recent years have got a rapid development,but in the high-end market,the foreign brand are still occupy ;in the Mid-market at present,with the market share of foreign brands were evenly divided.


   The current market is Chinese stationery obtained in the development of potential. In

China stationery industry rapid development process, appeared a number of large leading enterprise. For example, Lepusheng stationery Ltd, although the management of varieties products is not completed compare with other company, but with excellent design and the high quality of products has been praised.


China stationery market has great prospects for development



China stationery market scale has more than one hundred billion, but the domestic stationery market is still in the competition inadequate horse race enclosure of the era, and such as Staples, and other overseas giant in China development uniform smoothly, but the future ten years is China's stationery market development time.


   Compared with foreign counterparts, the Chinese brand gap is big, with the international famous brand, compared to brand advantages more need to work hard. Market for stationery requirements more and more higher, stationery manufacturers can not only meet the required in the traditional sense, in addition to meeting the alter, records, receive wait for a function to the requirements, but also meet the demand of cycle economy, meet the requirement of low carbon economy. This is also the stationery development and revitalization of the potential.


  Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Is an Important Of the Stationery Market Development


    The personage inside course of study thinks stationery products to achieve sustainable development; environmental protection is very critical and important. China, the world's largest stationery market, but also energy consumption country, especially in the construction industry effect, as a raw material energy consumption of stationery products, in order to respond to a nation big energy saving slogan, the domestic many stationery enterprise first stepped out of the pace of environmental protection, environmental protection equipment with science and technology themselves. Enterprises in the stationery manufacturing process to follow the principle of environmental protection and energy saving, but there are still many stationery enterprises, including some large enterprise existence environment condition and problems of environmental protection index exceeds bid. Therefore, stationery energy conservation and environmental protection production process is not to be ignored an important link.


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