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How to develop for the OEM export stationery manufacturers in future?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-21

Global economy is still under the a financial crisis at present.Major economies such as America,Europe and Japan are face with economices recession.How to get away from the economic downturn ASAP,strengthen the manufacturing industry,increase investment  in export and expand the domestic consumption has  become the main means for each national governments.This is best stated by the trade arbitration form America to China.


At second,as US dollar is the global reseve currency,the United States will take the weak dollare policy for long time so that to get away with the huge debt crisis.RMB pressure would continue to exist for long time.It is the other pressure for the Chinese stationery manufacturing within the meager profit.Therefore,Chinese export of stationery products will face to the pressure for long time.


For above,it is easy to find there are only two ways for the Chinese stationery manufacturing in future.Including increased technical independent innovation and creating brand.And expand the market at home and abroad through technical and brand.Technology innovation and bulid  a brand  needs long time.Comparing with the oversea market,domestic market is nearer and easy to touch.


In view of the present external environment, Chinese market needs to cosinder mainly innovation as following in future.


With the development of electronic commerce.The innovative power is more and more stronger.The staionery foreign trades manufacturer would be eliminated if continue in the old  words that wonder the electronic commerce is suitable for stationery circulation or not .If the businessman without strength and ablility to develop a E-commerce platform,they should be more involved in large trading platform.Lepusheng stationery  believe the coming trend of the stationery market is "big website and small entity".It no longer a fantasy to click a mouse to make money.


New development mode has a lot of, have to do, which is in advance with The Times under the premise of economic development, and constantly enrich and innovation stationery market connotation and mode, and make it more in line with the development of the future.


Attend the exhibition is the traditional model for the office supplies.It can increase the exposure in overses market.Although there is a good effect,it is difficult to attract new brand resources into.Now,there is a lot of new development model be appearing.To constantly enrich and innovate new sale model of stationery market under the economic development.It is the stationery factory what should be done in future.


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