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New brand developed rapidly in student stationery market changing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-21

The market demand had declined since 2012.The student stationery has entered into the winter and there are the seriously affected in the enterprise developmeng.

We have seen the current market,there are the samll affected for the leading brand and low brand.But the middle brand had larger effected.There are lots of new brands just in the middle.The third and forth market would be main competition place for the brand stationery supplies.To expand the sales channel or take defensive,it is important choice for the new brand.

New stationery brand is welcomed in market

At present, the sales network of student stationery at primary and secondary cities are tends to saturation.With rapid growth of stationery market,the suppliers of student statioery also getting more and more.And the stationery suppliers with the new stationery brand undoubtedly become preferred supplies for the salers.Enterprise has the certain production scale and funds,strong product and the core competitiveness,high-end brand and strong expand.All of them are the generality of China new stationery brand.

At present, besides the city at primary and secondary,the new rapid growth marke at three and four line alsor bring the new opportunities for the new stationery brand.Some brand stationery is welcomed,whcih do well in the network.

New brand sell well in regional market

The rising new brand is developing in step by step mostly except a few brands depand on the abundant capital.They gradually to expanded to the national market from the key regional.Be well-known in the regional to the national.For many stationery manufacturers,this kind of strategy just like the real estate to sales the building.
For the stationery enterprise,model market has the colse influence to the regional brand.A regional wants to enter into the national market,it needs to selectively propulsion like model marketing.It is very help for the stationery brand expansion.Good for the regional brand into national market and become the netional brand.It is the key factors between the emerging brand competition famous brand.

In Shantou,which gather a lot of small and medium-sized stationery brand,some small and medium-sized brand are bulid the brand through the model market,realize the best sell in the single regional marke.The new stationery brand are sell well than the famous brand in the certain regional.

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