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Network push channel development of China creative stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-03

With the consumption idea change of people and the improvement of economic level,fashion stationery and creative stationery are in the rapid development.And becoming one of the main force in the field of stationery.

Have a look in the stationery market,there are many funny and creative statonery including personal laptops,art design books and cute doll ect.It is easy to find that with the improvement of the people life,fashionable statioenry also become one of popular trend.And this trend also be welcomed by the consumers.

Besides the large and medium sized shopping malls,stationery wholesale market also remain outside of  leading.The main force of the middle channel are the professional market, dealers and agents.Strictly speaking,there is not the different between the stationery brand marketing and the foreign.All of them are pomotion throught the tradition ways and netword.

There are two part of China student stationery,one is physical channels and the other one is online channels.The physical channels including supermaket,brand mall and the retail shores;and the online channels including the sales online shops like Taobao,PaiPai and JD.(Large online shop in China)

There are a litter quality brand are to improve the brand capital throught the establishment of sales channels and development of brand culture in China.And most of them are developing the brand when the development of online sales.The new creative brand should pay more attention to the e-commerce.But they win in the low price but ignores the development of the tranditional channels.
The similar foreign brand are development early,they are good at breakthrough from the traditional channels.After the development of the domesitc market then to expand the business to the oversea.Such
as they to find the agents and the give they right to the operators through the international exhibitons.After pay the brand royalty,then the opeartors can make the proudct development,production and sales.

Although many brands have the good customer and be well-known in the local,for the creative stationery enterprise,e-commerce is the big trend in future.So that enterprise should seize this point and make the e-commerce early then to take more market share.At present,most of brand facoties are do more word in the traditional sales channels,to make the brand pomotion through the wholesales market;but with the development of the online shipping,they should pay more attention to the shopping platform and the B2C plactform.

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