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Office stationery have an effective development in e-commerce

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-28


         With the development of the Internet and the transformation of the concept of consumer, office stationery industry also began to step into the Internet, and has set up the good results.In fact, there must be unavoidably difficulties when the traditional stationery factory begin to step into the internet, it is not easy to do business in the Internet for a lot stationery manufacturers.However,the broad and potential consumption of stationery constantly allure lots of small and medium stationery enterprises.



         The China Internet network information center released the 30th China Internet network development state statistic report,it shows that Internet users in China has reached 538 million, the Internet penetration rate is 39.9%.The advent of the era of Internet,workable way to change people live is the network shopping, because of its fast, convenient, cheap and fashionable, and 37.8% of Internet users have experience of online shopping in recent year, next year, the proportion of online shopping is expected to reach 58%.The Internet itself has the powerful market and consumers, if you can stick the broad market of the Internet, then office supplies industry in China will be more smoothly in the future.


          Because office supplies is expendable, market demand is big, so the market development space of  office supplies is huge.But the traditional model of marketing office supplies is from the manufacturer to the agent,and from the agent to the dealer, then from the distributor to the terminal, because the sales channel chain long, naturally causes the growth of marketing costs.And the emergence of the online shopping solved the problem of this marketing model.Minimize the intermediate links, the enterprise can be directly face with the consumers, and integrated marketing costs are lower than those of traditional channels, profit margins get maximum protection.Now that the Internet can bring so big convenience to merchants,then why do we say stationery factory is not easy to develop e-commerce?


          That's because,there are many stationery enterprises have their own sales network today, if trade directly on the Internet,then it will have impact on the local agent, if there is no reasonable profit distribution, or not carried out in accordance with the rules of market, then it will cause vicious competition on sales, also will cause dissatisfaction with the stationery agents and wholesalers,so stationery manufacturers have difficulties when stepping into the network operation.


          But there are many businesses overcome the difficulties, through a variety of marketing planning, let the e-commerce road step onto the right track.Therefore, there is a lot of homework to do on the way to develop Internet business, it needs breakthrough one by one.


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