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Lepusheng exploring:High-end of student stationery's development tendency for futher study

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-14

Everybody said that 2012 is the depressed year for the students stationery industry as the rising costs and sales slump.But in this years of several large professional stationery exhibition,we can find that creative and high-end stationery products has become the higlight of the exhibition by many businessmen to chase.Taking a comprehensive view of each develop of stationery industry.It is easy to find that the stationery products will turn to a high-end tendency in the futher as the development of stationery manufacting.


Take a see on the industry level of consumption in the the first half of 2012,most of consumer may choose medium or low public products,But do you know why do we see many high-end stationeries be sold by the supermarket or large stationery shop?


Low-end stationery with the price advantage,but also with the low-profit and low technology.


Several well-known stationery brands have said that anyone can do the public product .So that the low-end stationery market will lower the price more and more,but it is also means that the profit is lower than pass.For the enterprise which take the cheap route may be can help in immediate needs but it is no the way for long time development.Although at present,consumers are prefer to choose something in low-price,howerver it may the short time in the rising price.They need more and more high added value products as time goes on.


High-end stationery with high value added and help staitonery entreprises to get out a own-way.


Due to the high price,green environmental protection stationery may not acceptable in consumers in a short time.But for the long time,it is the future development direction of the stationery manufacturers such as high-end,green,personality.In the first half of 2012,Stationery association to follow the tracks of the 200 key stationery enterprises.There are 10% enterprise profit margin is higher than average and most of them do well in the line of high-end and unique creative stationery products.


The change of consumer and idea will drive stationery industry to high-end


With the development of the time,the consumer of the staionery will more younger.Compared to the older,the concept of young people will pay more attentions on fashionable,high-end and more require for the brand and technical quality,instead of the price.So that the consumption level changes will also affect the stationery industry gradually take the high-end route.


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