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Domestic stationery manufacturers need to strengthen the basic skills due to Industry competition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-10-31

The growth progress of China stationery industry was amazing, has attracted many international stationery big invest.So far, it is nearly 200 , its total assets has accounted for about 25%, this will promote and improve the overall level of China stationery industry. After the small and medium-sized private stationery enterprises with low price strategy access to certain market share, the price advantage is gradually weakening, with a large number of multinational company stationery brand started to participate in the price war, the private enterprise situation increasingly crisis, Chinese stationery enterprise development has come to the most important and the most difficult times.


With thedevelopment of market economy for so many years, China stationery production accounts for about a quarter of the global total demand.As stationery internationalization procurement market formation, stationery export quantity will increase year by year. As far as the current market environment, local enterprises are facing unprecedented test when compete with transnational company.


At present, because quite a number of stationery manufacturers are under huge pressure of capacity.Multinational companies is restricted by the Chinese market strategy , at least in quite a period of product may not have a large number of exports. In order to expand in China's domestic market share, multinational company stationery enterprises in increasing launch middle-grade and high-grade products at the same time, also began to hit the price war they have despise.With their advantage and brand awareness, the low price advantage of local stationery enterprises has been difficult to reveal.


Now China stationery enterprise are getting into trouble , multinational company

form a deadly impact to the native stationery enterprises.


Chinese stationery enterprises in the technology is relatively backward, it is not easy to gain trust. In addition to multinational companies ,a large number of small  enterprise is also the cause of the weak competitiveness. To change this situation, we must speed up the pace of integration, forming large scale, technology and strong enterprise.


The difference between China stationery enterprises and multinational stationery enterprise are very big regardless of the technology or management .their differences. Technical difference is caused due to lack of capital , foreign stationery enterprise have big capital investment and Ingrained consciousness; On management, private enterprise management concept is still backward, the private enterprise development time is very short, a lot of things are not improved , it is not easy to learn from  multinational stationery enterprise in short time .


we can't feel disappointed because of these problems, but to shorten the gap as soon as possible, shorten the learning time, this has become a top priority. China stationery has to compete with multinational companies on the same stage in order to move towards to international market.

First of all,we have to have the steady basic skills, this is the most important when we we face to any opportunity and challenge .


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