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Two kinds of rabbit correction tapes , which would you choose?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-28

       The dating show will determine whether the male and female guests speed-dating successful or not  though the three steps of " first  experience of the love", "love and judgment", and "eventually choose of  love". Today, the world of rabbit in Lepusheng correction tape  also ushered in a "eventually choose of  love", the best sell and popular "rabbit tusiky" meet a menacing competitor "rabbit said" .Although the saying goes  "born in the same but why kill each other ", while both of the two brothers  don't want to be loser,and want to get the love of consumers .Let's look at the details of the two brothers:



Sell yourself:


       Sometimes I'm cool, because I am a handsome rabbit.Sometimes I am very miserable, because life is full of all kinds of blue.Sometimes I am very calm, because my heart is strong, I will deal with it calmly .oh~Don't look at me like this, in fact I'm a rabbit.


       Lepusheng 9816 Rabbit "rabbit tusiky"12M correction tape, although the appearance is very helpless , actually it is the style of young people in individual character.like the various expressions in a comedy and movements of  hyperbole.The style of  "sad ,handsome and injury" make students stationery  full of the style  of humor; And the popular and fashionable of image stationery in the network will  meet your various needs with excellent coverage .


Sell yourself:


      When you stop  to have a rest, don't forget that people are still running. It is said that each person will meet twenty thousand people who will match them in life ,but where are my  twenty thousand people ?


      Lepusheng T-9972 " rabbit said" creative stationery 6M PET correction tape. The new boutique stationery "rabbit said" ultrathin membrane, set off a new round of stationery market! The chic modelling ,  various expressions of whimsy, and high craftsmanship,all these above will reveal the outstanding technology of Lepusheng .Delicate correction supplies fine interpretation of life!After using the correction tape ,you can also make it as a furnishings , hurry to start!


      Take away which you really like , if too hard to choose , just choose two of them .Pray for the two rabbits of correction tape  won't  cause wars .

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