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Problems that exist in the management of stationery channel

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-05


           As we know that in stationery industry, those who occupy the initiative on channel, who will have the voice.In a wide range of stationery products today, "customers" has great appeal for both producers and dealers . The product sales channels is very clear at abroad, generally by the  three links of factories, wholesalers and retailers , or directly from the factory to the big retailers.And the sales channels of the office supplies in   domestic market is chaotic at present , it is determined by the buying nature.Those  manufacturers with immature channels are still dependent on the channel development of large dealers, and most of the manufacturing enterprises begin to have channel multiplication, including large supermarkets, department stores, stationery stores, distributors, wholesale markets, specialty stores and so on.So it is important to manage channels and establish good channels, then what are the problems in the channels of stationery ?



           One,the channels is not unified will cause the contradiction between manufacturers

           For small and medium-sized stationery enterprises, it is necessary to solve the conflict between companies and middlemen that caused by the small market , in order to unified the policies of an enterprise and service standards.Some manufacturers in order to open the market quickly,they will choose two or more than two general agents for the products in the early period , because there will be vicious price competition betwen the two agents , so that it will have the unsatisfactory situation of developing the market althouth it is a high brand awareness .


           Two, the long channel make management more difficult


           When the products come to the consumers from stationery manufacturer,we can easily see that the process is long and complicated, so that stationery enterprises should make the goods arrive to the consumers as soon as possible,and the  manufacturers shoule effectively control terminal market supply and demand, and reduce the corporate profits being distributive.


            Three, channel coverage is large so it is difficult to control the terminal


            Stationery manufacturer should have enough resources and ability to focus on each area of operation, try to improve the level of channel management, actively cope with the key attack that the competitors do to our weak links.Some companies manage their own terminal market, then compete with the secondary wholesalers and dealers business, reduce its sales, then they will gradually loss of business confidence to the product, they will increase the sales for competitive product,and finally it will caused the congestion of traditional channel.If market is improper operation, the channel will be underpowered and paralytic.In today's  stationery market, companies increasingly feel the pressure in the channel, how to take advantage of the resources in the channel, and how to manage the dealer become the key to win the terminal group.


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