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Only production design innovation can get rid of stationery homogeneity

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-28

China stationery only develping in 10 years but has the broad market.There are various kinds of stationery brand just like the bamboo shoots grow after rian.They quickly developed at home and abroad.But there is also has lots of "voices" to obstacles to the industry development.


get rid of stationery homogeneity

It is easy to find that there are many stationery product looks similar in the style and hard to  distinguish their products brand.It is thus clear that the stationery product homogeneity has already commonplace in the industry.

Stationery enterprises want to develop for a long time in the health and become one of stationery leader.It should to get rid of stationery homogeneity.With the advancement of economic globalization, the domistic market also growing internationalization.And there is appearing the characterized such as:lacking the stationery design and innovation,the obviously homogeneity.
There are many stationery product "Made in China" but don't  design by China.In the China big market,there are more than 80% stationery produt are copyed(most of them are Korea or Japan),or do the processing production.It lacking the localization.In order to take the market share,some stationery enterprise to do the imitation, fake, or even make pirated products. So lost the product feature also infringes on others' brand.It is no good and harm.

Stationery design already gave up the simple model,there is more and more stationery to seek the decorative and artistic and the individuation style.Stationery industry should to get more benefit through the design innovation.It would cuase the brand influence.

Lepusheng as the one of  most professional stationery manufactuers in China stationery market,it combine advantages of the talent, capital, management and technical.And improving the product design and the technical content.While  focus on the correction stationery production,to expand the other stationery product and meet variety of consumer demand.

Stationery enterprises only to keep the product innovation and the research in the proudct design.Make the technology display in the products.The stationery enterprise would becomd more and more borand.And then,the copy or counterfeit can only be nothing.

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