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Does price competition caused by direct selling of stationery manufacturers?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-16

    Because of weak global economic and high cost.Stationery industry has been in winter.The industry experts siad that price competition would be the core compeitition in stationery market for this years.Most of stationery factories are try to introduce the factory direct sales model.This model can provide the price lower than the market price about 30% ~ 50%.

    Traditional way of distribution channels made stationery manufacturers entered the high cost era.On the one hand,rising rent made a lot of stores feel differecult. Besides rent, the management fees, promotion fees and other fees such as cost of advertising costs and so on.At present, there are some merchants have not closed or removed from store but in different management.

    In the current domestic stationery market, the product from factory to consumer need go through agents, distributors, retailers, stores and other multiple circulation. So that, there are the different price while it to the consumers.Different price make consumers can't easy to buy.

    In the face of pressure, a lot of stationery wholesale market is brewing for transformation, they hope to reverse the adverse market situation through their own changes.

    At the end of the day, price compeition is the key point of the yaer of office supplies market.Industry experts siad that stationery can completely try to do the factory direct sales.It can save the time,logistics and artificial cost.Realize direct sales between factories to buyers with lower price.That to pull the stationery demand,reducce the pressure of stationery channels.

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