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Lepusheng stationery:innovation idea should put in each line

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-22

Under the double pressures from rising raw materials in market,some famous brand stationery products has increased by 10% in price.And some of them are digest the rising cost buy itself.According to the data shows that there is the differenet reduction in the top market.It makd the decline in the products sales for some enterprises.


Lepusheng stationery:innovation idea should  put in each line

And it just the temporary behavior to reduced the operation cost by themselves.To enhance their market competitiveness,innovation mode of marketing and expand the sales channels so that to improve the whole brand awareness.And improve the markeing competition can not be separated with innovation.Lepusheng company also changing with innovation on each line.

According to the survey, there are more than 90% of consumers think that there is the similar sationery model in the market,and most of brand style are in the  minor differences.So that their will pay more attention and choose something practical instead of the strict requirements in other.They would choose something suitable for them.Inspired by this,Lepusheng stationery is design the innovation product basis on the practical product.It is not only to meet the demend of pertty appearance but also pay attention to the use request.

Besiead the design innovation,Lepusheng company also do the innovation in the prouduction process and the inside system.They make the careful inspection during purchasing raw materials instead of the past once checking.There are the differenet quality of current material production.And the big differenet in the product performance and the product quality.Therefore, the innovative  production can avoid the such problem.

There is the market information era for the 21s.There are appear many network sales mode and different mode of  e-commerce,they greatly stimulate the consumer's senses. In recenet years,Lepusheng company has strive to created their network sales and they website.Opened the  enterprise micro blog and micro letter.Than to strengthen the communication and cooperation with network and promote their brand image and influence quickly.

In fact, not only for the office supplies,any thing will be face the competition and selection during the developing.Production innovation has been the same topic for each industry.And the stationery industry as light industry under the pressure of the increasingly fierce market ,the innovation is the necessary concept.

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