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Lepusheng give four proposals for stationery agents in development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-07

The agents model is the mainstram development model in stationery industry.Most agent has great attention to the brand aware and the product quality before they choose the brand.It is improtant to choose the good brand.But it all depand on yourself whether do well in business or not.Storekeeper is the leading power.Lepusheng stationery (www.lepusheng.com) have give the four proposals as followes and holp it will be useful to you:


In the agent business,most of dealers complain there isn't the supply form stationery manufacturers.The excellent agents all do by themselves.All of marketing from the shop display to the staff are on they own account.Stationery agent must to learn to handle the business by himself,rather than rely on the support of factory.The support of manufacturer is short,it could't sustain long-term interests.
Participate in team activities actively.

Dealers should to pay more time to attend the training courses which approved by the stationery manufacturer ans so on.Take more interact with dealers.It is hard to make the branding construct if without team and the core culture.That is so call win in terminal market,it is going to fail if can't do well in the termianal market.Therefore,stationery agents needs to learn more sales knowledge and take tbe real serveice to the clients.

Clear understanding the market dynamic

Stationery dealers have to make a clear understanding the details,proudcts,price,promotion and the channels of competitior.It all needs the details understanding.To study the competitor,the market and the other industry.To find the own team which can introduce the clients and bring more talents in the market.

Reasonable distribution the personnel

Stationery dealers wants to control a stationery brand in a developing city,It needs the guides,design,distribution,operations and so on.But it isn't meas the dealers should to do any things by himself.It is ask for the dealers should to make the resonable distribution in the personnel.Only that,stationery dealers will do well in the market.

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