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Never go the old way with new form after changing to sale in domestic market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-30


          In recent years, due to the depression of foreign trade, a lot stationery manufacturers changed to expand the domestic market.But lack of the support of independent sales channel , when the foreign trade stationery production factory start to sale in domestic market, they still can only make processing fee just like foreign trade.


          Never go the old way with new form after changing to sale in domestic market


          News reports,in the annual meeting of the 6th ningbo wenbo in March of this year, in order to response to the current crisis, stationery association invited more than 50 dealers in China  for procurement, then open up the domestic market by class service.And signed a long-term cooperation agreement with large stationery chain company , the agreement signed that stationery manufacturers should provide OEM services for dealers.While no matter they take orders in the exhibition or the long-term cooperation with domestic stationery dealers, these practices are still the "mode of foreign trade".In this mode, ningbo stationery enterprises still stay in the workshop phase, there is no independent brand, independent channels, independent research and development design.


          It is not easy for foreign trade to change to sale in domestic market


          Many stationery manufacturers which do foreign trade wants to open up the domestic market, but it is not easy.Stationery export manufacturers means sales to overseas markets, many of them are lack of dealers that specifically targeting the domestic market , and they even don't know the stationery wholesale, domestic dealers.In order to expand the demands of domestic market under the background of  current financial crisis , they only can cooperate with the large stationery dealers.In fact, to have a long-term cooperation with distributors is not to develop domestic trade, according to the practice, stationery sale is going the old way with new form , so that the OEM production pattern is just make the processing fee.

           Most of the stationery export enterprises have no independent intellectual property rights, their own brand,connotation of  product brand , the core value, price, packaging, brand culture and other related elements.However,to occupy the domestic market, first they need to be able to produce attractive to distributors, to obtain high profit , then ultimately affect the end consumers, so that the unique brand mark becomes very important.Stationery manufacturers only make their own channels, to build their own brands,and should have unique position in the value chain,never only consider the domestic trade when the foreign trade suffer from depression .In a word ,we should have a long-term plan.


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