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Stationery industry channel changing,manufacturer and combination with E-commerce

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-29

As is known to all that there are a obvious changing in the whold domestic retail market in the present.Changing in the channels,price, serviceand the delivery system.The current stationery industry are also experiencing such a profound change.New sales modes and channel are in the rapd expansion,but the traditional channel depression in the entire market.


Stationery manufacturers combination with the electrical business will be the mainstream for the insustry. E-commerce is the trend of future development.For online enterprise will showing better and better.The enterprise also can showing the entity shop on the internet such as materials, plant size,enterprise culture ect.It will imporove the propaganda  effect fort he combination basic.Why do we have a such idea?The mainly analysis as follows:


First,network marketing to make up the imperfect of entity shop in the time and space


For most of office workes,it is means that they can place an order and to buy something their need through a computer without ask for leave or wait to the weekend.There are non impact whether the stationery wholsale market open or not.For those customers who could't to the entity shop because the far distances,it can through implementation in click of a mouse that instead of the long distances.The newtork can be easily to gain the order which traditional could't cover.Than with the ground combined slaes and provide the supplies to the customeres through the local dealer.


Second, Are the online customer only buy something cheap?


This is the old topic to someone without enough know for the network sales.There is some truth in that,but with the development of network technology and changing of people shopping habits.Such as diamond,also sell well online.Same model or different kinds of stationery products also can easily to find the seller online.


Three,network marketing provide a new interactive experience to the customer.


Need not to the physical store,you can view the detailed product information,detail pictures,the function introduction,and can communicate directly to the communicate directly through internet.To help the customer search something interest,place order or guidance to the physical store to buy.Do well the after-sales service,communicate with potential customer.It all good for the online sales.


As the development of the network sales,network consumption of stationery indsutry also facing quickly development.In next,Lepusheng stationery will continue to explore how to do well in the network sales and combination with the terminal shop.Sharing development.


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