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Green stationery,five new trend of office stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-25

With the development of social economy,China was became the biggest country of stationery production,stationery processing and exporting in the world in recent years.China office supplies are be using in more and more global nation.And it is stimulated the development of Chinese stationery products to some exptent.With the whole global economic rapid development,China sationery also has becomed the main consumers of stationery products.There is the borand market and consumption potential in the Chian.And with the popular of green stationery, there are the new trend in the stationery industry:

Improve the stationery quality

The trend of golbalization cause the higher request for the China product in the qualiy,packing and delivery day,even in the production process and the product develoment.To combine with the environmental protection, energy resources and human environment .And the broad market and the ceter position will attract the multinational companies in office supplies get to the China.To cooperate with the foreign enterprise will improving the product quality and the enterprise competitiveness of China stationery .

Intensifies the capital expansion

Since China entered into WTO,and under the global compet competition environment,in order to improve the compeititveness,industry capital became an important topic of business operation.Listing,financing,mergers and acquisitions... Some large stationfery brand were began to make the capital expansion plans.Capital speaking,the current main is to make the capital expansion.

Increasing in the cooperation between enterprises

Copetition speaking,there are more and more resource share between enterprises.On the one hand,stationery manufacturers strengthened the control of the ratail terminal,to reduce the sales link and make the sales chanel get to the specialization development and suit to diverse markets development.On the othe hand,sales development trend make the large chain shop getting better and enhance the control of the industry.Participate in the price lead which has dominated by manufacturer before.

Attention to the user experience and products humanization

The developer to make the intensive study for the current stationery in the applications,user demand and the consumer habits.To compbined with the customer feedback,to design the new proudct to meet the demand in funtion.The enterprise are pay the great attention to the user experience.

Integrate grade into model design

There are so many different offic stationery style on the market,with vaious colour and kinds.But the it is hard to find to intergrate the cultural connotation as design concept before design.Lepusheng company was commited to do these exploration and attempt,to make intergrate the culture, individual into the product design.So that  there is the unity office correction tape with the fashion elements from Lepusheng stationery in the market.

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