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Five tips to improve stationery sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-21


           Do business, everyone wants to do a thriving business.To manage a stationery shop,we have sevel methods about the process of sales to share with you:



           1. The selected sources have principles


           Any business, is a buying and selling.Buy in low but sell in high.Products can be tangible or intangible.Value contained in the products.Exchange of money and products will create a profit.Customers are buying the value of the product.For the supply channels we generally choose large stationery wholesale market, this is not the key, the key is how to manage, how to do a good marketing strategy.To know it doesn't matter it is high about a few cents or a dime, it decide the success not to depend on the low price but who sell well.If you run a few more miles for a few cents, then you will feel tired  and have no spirit to take care of customers, it does not taste.Incoming goods should pay attention to the principle of nearby.So we can  replenish our stock in the wholesale market nearby,if the quantity is large or you need more kinds of stationery products then you should consider the rich variety of large-scale wholesale market.


           2. Stationery products full display


            Shelves must be full, so we can give the customer a visual impression that the commodity is rich and complete.At the same time, it also can improve the sales ability of shelves and storage function, also correspondingly to reduce inventory, accelerate the commodity turnover speed.The data show that, full display can increase sales by 24% on average.It is one of the reason that store have the shelves are rich.If the shelves are empty,then the customer is not willing to come in.


           3. Rregularly organize promotional activities, build sales atmosphere


           Promotion is one of the effective ways to drive sales,no matter what kind of "speculation" is, those which can attract consumers' attention can promote consumption, of course, the premise is a positive activity, this will depend on the familiarity of the market,and the analysis of consumer behavior,to have good comprehensive activity plan.Held activities can create a kind of feeling, on the one hand, it can bring a hot sales, on the one hand ,it will bring the busy atmosphere, so it has a good image and great help to stationery shops.


           4. Increase the media


              Most promotional activities are carried out before and after the holiday, it must be advertising season at this time, this means that if you use the traditional media publicity, then you need to prepare for promotion in advance,to get the lowest price during the festival.Relative to traditional advertising, most businesses want to do a good job in publicity through a free platform, such as network platform, mobile platform, etc.Many customers would search relevant information on the Internet before buying the product ,so at this time the website can be the best sales tool completely during the festival.And also  release information on search engines at the same time, at all levels,to release for more users to see.


           5. Control the risk


           Business is hard to avoid risks,students stationery will mainly control the stable cash flow,don't blind expansion, after all, the rent,decoration, utilities and other costs are higher than travelling traders and the sit stand operation.In addition, grasp a fine season, especially the popular trend, only in this way can guarantee the stationery sales.


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