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Three aspects to complete the fashion stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-19

At present,fashion stationery supplies has in the shuffle period.For stationery enterprise,it is necessary to imporve themselves to suit to the market.In particular,to developing in the fierce market competition,the stationery factory needs to impove the following point:

Ensure the product quality and attention brand image

It can be believe that there are many stationery indsier knows the importance of product quality.But to transposition thinking in the real consumption.There are less enterprise to establish the brand image in the detail of products.In the new years.the enteprise should to strengthen the supervision of the stationery products quality,to ensure the product qualtiy and reliable,then to improve the good brand image.

Keep innovation

As increasing of people's environmental protection consciousness,whether the stationery enterprise can develop the new environmental technology and materials or not is decide the reputation and market power of product.At the same time, it also the expression of enterprise responsibility.In addition,the stationery entepreise wants to leave in the market needs to keep innovating.In the function,the enterprise needs to do the wide investigation into the consumers,take full advantage of technological than solve the function problems of products.In the color,to make the combination between the symbolism and scientific principle.And in the product model,according to use group,consider the security and convenience of stationery model.To improve the design assthetic and practical of product.

Integrated industrial chain

It can be said that the popular staitonery has the broad market potential in China.Who can take the preemptive opportunities can be take more market share.Of course, It requires that the enterprise can fully understant the core of the popular element and the marketing operation model.During the period of industry shuffle,stationery manufacturers might  to cooperation with downstream enterprise such as animation cartoon company,Internet companies and design company.And to impove the control of the industry chain then to reduct the cost.It is become one of trend at present.Under the environment and tendency of intensifying  competition,canal expansion,industrial chian intergration is the effective way to improve the enterprise competitive and ruducte market risk.

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