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2012 students supplies quality state supervision special inspection results are announced:Lepusheng correction fluid and gel ink pen have passed smoothly

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-01

According to regulation of Product quality law of the People's Republic of China and The  management of the product quality supervision and spot check,in 2012,the SIQSAQ has make the special inspection to  four kinds of product quality such as student supplies, fire door,rare earth oxide,wheel loader.The deputy director of the SIQSAQ has  already briefed the results of the 2012 students supplies quality state supervision special inspection on November 28.And qualification rate reached 87.1%



This student supplies make the inspection in more than 9 provinces like Tianjin,Haei,Shanhai,Jiansu,Zhejian,Fujian,Jiangxi,Shandong,Guangdong.and there are more the 145 production enterprises and 201 batch products.The products includs painting series,correction product,gule series,writing instrument,books and bag class.And the products are according to GB21027-2007of "The safety general requirments for the student supplies " or such other standards,and make inspection of transfer element like cap of pen,free formaldehyde,benzene, toluene and xylene,the white degree of books and so on.There are about 22 production manufacturers done not accord with a standard  in the final results.


The correction fluid and the gel ink pen of Lepusheng production also in this inspection.And the result shows that their products are qualified.It once again proved that reliable quality  for the Lepusheng company.


There are the LPS No.6400 correction fluid and the LPS No.316 gel ink pen have through this national examination.Lepusheng always send the products to inspection actively.And the prodcuts has been qualified from the beginning in the national,provincial or municipal quality inspection.And the products quality is also improving in such varvious testing.As one of the famous trademarks manufacturer of Guangodng enterprises and the AAAA level certificate of good standardizing practice enterprises.Lepusheng company always adhere to the business philosophy of"High standard and strict demand".Taken the professional production capacity in the cultural goods and the leading level product quality management system


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