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Innovation of fashionable stationery products determine the survival of an enterprise

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-15

The importance of innovation has been  stressed by thousands of medium like newspapers, magazines, books and periodicals.There also many open class about innovative.Believe that many people will ask a questions:Why some enterprise would go bankrupt?Because most of them have lack of innovation.So that you may know the consciousness of innovation is the necessary quality for the enterprise operation.It is also important to the development of the stationery industry,especially for the enterprises which do fashionable stationery products.


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It will cause most of complaints once RMB exchange rate to rise,wage structure adjustment, , labour insurance enforcement and rising cost of the raw material.But what is it good for?It is might as well to do our best to reduce these negative factor.And the innovation is one of the most important solutions.


The innovation is not only means the innovative products,but also including the innovative model and innovative managerment.


1. The innovation of the product: Why does the product could't sell wll in a high price?Because the customer pushing down prices.And Why does customer require down prices?Because others is cheaper than us.Why does the customer compare the prices?Because there is no difference.Differentiation is always different and could't be compare.


There is a different compare factor in the stationfery design,we can make the priece higher by 5%,If there are two different compare factor,we can higher by 10%,If three,we can  higher 15% at least.So if you want to win at the competition ,only to develop the different and unique products.Fashionable staiontery should pay more attation to the fashion element and to expand,than to catch more market share.


2.Business model innovation: Considering  the rising salary of labor force and the less labor in the future.We have to improve the single product profit margins,using the less products to get high profits.It is involves stationery brand and sales model.To develop by the traditional sales model or combine with the electronic commerce,or rely on the Internet for sale.It will be the new class for the office suppliers.


3. Management method innovation: Facing the intense competition, we have to innovation. To promote the saving as well as spending.Continuously to reduce the cost and spend.The management  will be more fine,humanity and much changing as the rapid change of time.The pass successful experience maybe the the obstacles on today. the experience may unsuitable for the futruen.Only the suitable is the best one.


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