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Lepusheng Science: Four Stationery Wholesale Hypermarkets in Guangzhou

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-10

          As a coastal province of Guangdong , which is develop rapidly of the industry. Shenzhen, Shantou and other stationery manufacturers  gathered on this developing  land.  In the urban area of Guangzhou, there are many good  stationery wholesales . Lepusheng stationery will introduce the four major wholesale stationery supermarkets in Guangzhou to  you  today .


 Lepusheng Science: Four Stationery Wholesale Hypermarkets in Guangzhou


         Guangzhou International Stationery trade center  all over the world 


         This international stationery trade center  cornes from former property  known as a original trade center in Guangzhou City  , it is the original Huangsha (the original Garden of Friendship A, C Hall) stationery professional market, located in the downtown Pearl River in Huangsha , and next to the  C exits of  Line 1 .There is convenient transportation around it ,and it closely linked with the mainline of Huangsha Avenue (inside the loop) and the entrances of the  tunnel in Pearl River.

         Here gathered a veteran of the "Friendship Garden  ", "Star Light" and other stationery wholesale market, since 1994, it  transferred from "Yidelu" to Huangsha, now it has developed nearly a thousand stalls, over 10,000 square meters of business area, and  two Hall A and  B to  echoed each other. In 1995 it was named by  the Research Center Development of the State Council as "the nation's earliest and largest professional  stationery and toy boutique wholesale market  " . After several expanding industry, the old " Friendship Garden" has now grown to nearly a thousand stalls, and  has  A, B, C three Halls to echoed each other.However, in the long process of development,  the old   Friendship Garden as a wholesale market ,its hardware and software conditions and the economic development  are not match the needs of the situation in Guangzhou  - Too professional , mixed breed make buyers unable to implement "one-stop" trade, inadequate transportation  facilities, parking areas are narrow and so on .  Due to the Pearl River Delta steped to new industrial road,Guangzhou re-planning the layout of the professional market,and this is  imperative for Guangzhou stationery wholesale  to transform and upgrade.


          Guangzhou, "Yide " international toy stationery boutique Square


          This  international toy stationery boutique square is located in Guangzhou City, and it is a intersection with "Yide"road ,"Tiancheng" Road and "Haizhu" Road , with a total gross floor area of ??about 25,000 square meters, with more than 1,200 shops,Now it  is currently the largest and highest grade in southern China , matching the most improving  management level of toys, stationery wholesale market.  The square is divided into four main floors which operating various types of toys, stationery and gifts.

            After the Friendship  Garden removing out ,"Yide" Road area still has a lot of stationery wholesalers gather here ,all of them are  operate  indoors.And finally formed an International Toy and Stationery Boutique Square, Stationery and Toy Boutique Arts Garden , "Jinjin"Stationery and Toy Town, "Haizhu" Toys and Boutique City. Of course it is a smaller scale than it in the past , most of them are concentrated in the bottom layer or inconspicuous shops, mainly operate  the mid-range of students stationery  . The top-level of the International Soy Stationery Boutique Square is decorated  into showrooms to rent in the form of  independent unit , attracting large enterprises and brands to open their showrooms and offices there, and engaged in professional wholesale business.


          Chaoyang stationery wholesale center in Guangzhou


          This wholesale center is the largest , highest level , andmatching the most complete feature of the market in southern China  currently , it is located in one side of  "Kengkou"MTR Station in Fangcun Flower  Avenue,and its  inner section is  the Xinan Street, external is connect to Beltway, leading to the center of  Guangzhou and only ten minutes to drive to Foshan.  The first phase of the land area is 30,000 square meters, more than three hundred shops are using duplex structure, with separate offices and warehouses.

           Chaoyang stationery wholesale center's first phase has reached 30,000 square meters, more than 400 shops are using duplex structure, so we no longer see the situation of pile of goods in the store .  The spacious hallway  is enough to accommodate two vehicles at the same time . It is said that, here are hand made wholesale, so the store is directly managed by the manufacturer or distributor ,with their own brand image,.There are  high-end brands such as   "Tianzhuo", "Xinhua Bookstore", "Golden Era" presence here.


          Guangzhou Si Puma office supplies giant supermarket


          Located in Baiyun Avenue South ,Si Puma office supplies giant supermarket ,has an area close to 5,000 square meters, management of goods  includes a variety of office stationery supplies, as well as business office furniture, and even the sale of green products, the varieties almost reach a million kinds.  Although it is mainly for offices, schools, military units, organizations, enterprises and institutions, and use the membership, but as an individual consumer, where the stationery will be slightly lower than the market.

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