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Several big hidden trouble of students stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-29


          Stationery industry is the most perfect and most rapidly developing industry in the currently light industry in our country.As countries expand to invest in education, the demand of stationery is also increasing.As the stationery store, the specialized market is becoming mature, the influence of gradually the wholesale market is reducing,too.This requires operator's management level and service content to the top, and make the brand of high-grade students stationery, and the patent products as the mainstream of consumption.However,the overall level of stationery industry in China are intermingled,So what are the big hidden troubles of students stationery:



           Product identification is not complete.At present, in circulation of stationery are not in accordance with relevant provisions of the general requirements for safety of student supplies tagging stationery ,they are not showed whether the products are environmental or non-toxic;Some products without Chinese label production producer name and address, only use Japanese or Korean label or mark "MADEINCHINA";Some of them maybe endanger the safety of children,and also not in accordance with the national standards, with warning marks such as "do not eat";And those products which are the so called no production date, quality certificate, the manufacturer's exist everywhere.


           No quality assurance.Some stationery products using toxic chemicals, such as print beautiful pattern on the bag, pen bag, may be too much formaldehyde in it;Pencil with gorgeous color paint, may be implied the problem of heavy metal exceeds bid;Sweet smelling in rubber, paper,may be implied with aromatic, aldehydes, mercury and other toxic chemicals.Although these toxic chemicals content is low, but users especially minors will be predisposes to eyes, nose, throat inflammation, causing symptoms such as headache, nausea, and even cause chronic poisoning through inhalation, suck, bite in a long-term exposure.


           Too much counterfeit products.On the domestic market there are more than ten brands such as Chenguang,Zhencai,Zhonghuaqianbi,and the main brands abroad are mitsubishi, zebra, parker.Some operators in order to get maximum benefit, they often counterfeit famous brand's name,packaging that will make consumer confused.


           Vulgar appearance.Appearance of students stationery not only use many lovely modelling, but also with some indecent design or English, this will cause negative values to those minors who are lack of correct judgement.


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