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Is it the long-term development for single stationery enterprises ?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-05

    Changeable market is not only change the apperance of products,technology, channels mode.It also bring the continuous improvement to the enterprises.There are not the leading brand in the currect stationery market.Lacking the market concentration.It make the whole stationery supplies industry in the fierce competition.

    As small and medium-sized enterprises,how to gain the better development in the funds, brand, technology, and the lacking resources?This become a problems for many enterprises.
Today, many small and medium-sized enterprises to choose the single breakthrough.

    Single line production is not the current feature,it has been used in stationery manufacturing with its status and influence in the stationery industry for many years.

Single proudcts also can do well

    Is there the future for signle stationery manufacturers? Ask believe everyone so,let's take a look at home appliance industry.There are the Midea and Haier with over one hundred billion scales.But Gree only depand on the air conditioning and realized one hundred billion sales.It is meaning that the sigle enterprise also can become bigger and stronger.

    At the beginging of Lepusheng company found,the leader of company are clearly know that it is hard to take the market share relying on its own strength.So,Lepusheng field in the correction products,to centralized superior resources,to do the R&D in the correction tape, correction pen and so on.

Rely on the single products break is only transitional

    There are no one willing to do a single product only.They all want to launch the series stationery products.Single products market is too small and limited.

And there is popular in financial investment in a proverb: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.It telled us to disperse investment that to avoid the possibale risk.It is means that the proucts can effectively spread risk diversification,signle product always with bigger risk.

    Therefore,single prouction is only a transition. At the begining of development,to do single production then to expand other products.And to developing the brand.For most of student stationery,it is the best developing ways.However,can it be realized,it remains to be the test of time.

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