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How to do well in the O2O for stationery brand?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-16


November 11, it is the online shopping day for China.It was gorgeous closed with 35 billion yuan in this day for Tianmao mall.It show the new marketing in the science and technology era.The developing internet realized the people to know all but never leave home.The development of shopping online also made the people still home for long time.It is none of news for the stationery manufacturers to do the online sell.But how to do well in the O2O? There are the large knowledge.
One.the  responsibility
Different from the traditional stationery sales,online sales have to coordinate with the local agent in profits.To make clean the order and the responsibility of the aftere-sales serveice.And the logistics and distribution reponsibility.
Two,the profits with electric business platform
In the realization of network marketing,stationery suppliers should make clear the profits between electric business platform,the commercial real estate and the third-party payment platform.Especially the relation between business platform and the commercial real estate.
Three,set up new system of logistics
Before develop the network market, most of stationery enterprises have the whole sales system in offline.The offline business should pay more attention to the experience.It can unified the shipping.And need a strong regional goods allocation.Of course, the work can be outsourced to a third party logistics enterprises.
Four,revision new rules of research and development
Because the offline sell product have online features,so, it is necessary to gradually revise design,procurement,proudction and terminal working rules.The idea from consumer should be used in the line of design.Of course, there is the larger requirement in purchase and production.But it is a good way to solve the problem of inventory.It need a larger investment in the equipment.
No matter what changes.Actually, it is interrelated.If only focus on two or three point, it would be quickly squeezing in the bad position.In addition,it also will cause the change between brand and consumers.
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