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The stationery products changed in the market in 2014

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-21


         At present, the annual sales of stationery market is100 billion yuan or above, and grows by the size of more than 20% every year, a large stationery procurement market is  rapidly forming pulled by smallware.With the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, especially the rapid development of the service sector, people are paying more and more attention to work efficiency, the office of "6 s" management and the image management concept of enterprise is gradually become popularization, no matter the enterprises,the family,or for personal ,the requirements become higher for the beauty, neat, confidentiality to a file, people will pursuit of comfortable, happy office environment, stationery consumption idea constantly updated, and stationery consumption continues to increase due to the increased income of people,so the stationery industry in China is facing the historical opportunity of the rapidly escalating of the consumer demand , the demand of the stationery market is in explosive growth driven by macro economy ,and the market scale is rapidly expanding ,too ,so the industry must be in a bright future.



          In the development of vocational ,office workers and students are two major consumers of stationery products, of which the enterprises and institutions is the main procurement units of office stationery .With the vigorous development of China's economy, the consumption idea of cultural goods in coastal economically developed provinces grows rapidly, and stationery consumption continued to vocational development.In Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and Beijing , each year the consumption accounts for the office supplies more than 50% of the total consumption.The stationery enterprises and institutions in central province, northeast China have a higher demand for middle and low end stationery.multi-level office stationery consumption structure is formed in nationwide.With the constant improvement of the level of attention to the corporate image, an increasing number of large enterprise groups and administrative institutions tend to directly to order office stationery in the stationery manufacturers, formed a huge and potential group purchasing and consumption market .There are about 300 million of students and trainee in our country, with an increased level of family income and students' disposable income,Students stationery market is fast growing, also present a fashionable appearance, functional diversification, hierarchical structure,and the characteristics of diversification level.


           Diversified fashion appearance


          Because of its unique cultural connotation, stationery are closely related to fashion factors ,students' favorite cartoon pictures, animation, games, film and television, music, popular colour and other fashion elements, they can fully reflect on all kinds of new stationery.The recent market survey showed that more than sixty percent of respondents said they like to select individual character, fashionable stationery,so it can be seen that  the pursuit of fashionable appearance has become stationery consumption in one direction, especially the students and young women,the well-designed stationery is the most popular novel and beautiful products to cater to their needs.The biggest reason is that they are rich in the design style of the milk of human kindness.In the mean time when it beyond the practical characteristics, stationery become art and gifts for people to enjoy.Those stationery with elegant, delicate style make them become an important vehicle for SMS, as well as a  new beautiful scenery line to the stationery market.Stationery is the carrier of natural culture and fashion factor, stationery industry is working with creative design, animation game industry, and high-end arts and crafts industry, and also become an important branch of the creative cultural industry, it has a broad space for development.


             Office equipment is popular


             With the development of computer network technology, electronic technology and network, the scope of cultural goods is changing ,too, from the traditional pen, ink, paper, stapler, to the modern, digital electronic product.And the popularity of computers and the Internet, it greatly stimulated the computer peripheral cultural products (e.g., CD boxes, CD pen, broken we, computer attendance bells, smart card, etc) and the demand of OA office equipment, such as shredders, attendance machine, binding machine, paper, and will print, fax, photocopying, scanning function integration OA office equipment  were warmly welcomed by the market.


             The  improvement of service industry


             Due to best-selling brand, more and more stationery enterprises attaches great importance to the shaping of the brand.In addition to the product itself, service industry is also on the agenda.The improvement of service industry in all aspects, such as patiently and carefully answer questions about the products and exchange information through various channels for the consumers to meet the actual demand.In today's market, product quality assurance and the safety of the stationery are the basic production standards for enterprises, and also can reflect the value of products, and services is one of them.


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