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Focus on the key of current stationery development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-07

To see the stationery history,there are over ten years of  stationery industry development since reform.Since the popular of the creative stationery insteaded of "the four stationery treasures",China stationery indsutry has achieved the succeed in the entrepreneurship, innovation and  development step by step.So,what kinds of development are suit to the stationery manufacturing?

Environmental protection product is the development trend

From the view of the background of the environmental protection technology.It is easy to find the environmental stationery is the trend of the stationery industry development.The green stationery has gave up the traditional process and away form the production in high energy ,low efficiency and abor-intensive manufacturing.It has made the stationery indsutry into the industrial age.

The environmental protection stationery has increased in overall such as manufacturing equipment and production technology after the developed of these years.It has become the mian importing products for developed country such as European and American because of it is good then common stationery product in the resource utilization and it without pollution.So that to increase development efforts in the environmental protection stationery.It is not only the future development way to the China stationery industry,but also the an inexorable law in each industry.

Do the revolutionary innovation in developing

It is necessary to innovation in developing.And in the scientific development,it more should be do the revolutionary innovation.At present,most of stationery suppliers just do the innovation on the stationery model.To keep the enterprise development by the frequent "change the appearance".It is the performance of lacing wisdom,the irrational behavior of playing form and blindly pursue product packaging.

The key of the "low carbon manufacturing" is innovation.It is the inner nature of technical innovation,and ever needs the courage of  traditional subversion.To give up the past inertial thinking,looking for the new way on the other view.And change the people's ideas and concept.To ensure the proudct's innvation,managerment nnovation and marketing innovation.It will never find the breakthrough if you never change in the concept and keep straight in inheritance.

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