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Colorful Stationery Have A Dazzing Appearance But Hidden Trouble Inside

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-10


       It is not difficult to find out that the creative and fancy stationery is very popular nowadays, and especially attract  the crowd of students .All these distinctive stationery such as orange erasers ,chocolate pen lead and fruit mud are very attractive .While these dazzing and colorful stationery have  trouble inside , to this intricate market , there are some relevant standards being built ,so stationery consumers should have  clear eyes to buy safty ,environmental friendly and nontoxic stationery.



      Colorful and fancy stationery have trouble inside


      It is the same reaction with  so many parnts and teachers , lots of consumers are worried that it will affect children's attention when using the fancy stationery. While in the market today, these kind of stationery occupy a large part  such as  the good-smell pencils and pens or erasers ,all these products are bad for children's health!

      Standards should be perfect


      Nowadays, the quality of stationery products are uneven, and the main reason is the  faultiness of standards to stationery product in stationery industry.On 1th April,2008, the first compulsive standard"The Requirement  of Using Student Stationery" is  putting into implementation . According to this standard, the stantionery with good-smell is prohibitive, however, after few years ,in the market today,we still can see all kinds of good-smell stationery.Therefor , though there are some relevant standards, and still lack of  executive force and  regulation ,finally,the so called "standard" just became "much cry and little done".


      Few step to choose a quality good


      It is best to choose a quality good when purchasing stationery, or in can be hard to distinguish the quality. Parents should put "safty, environmental friendly and nontoxic" to the first place .Let's put correction tape as an example .First is "see",we should check the brand , place of production and certification, then observe whether the appearance is bright and tidy or not ,and the name of the brand is  clear or not .Second is "touch",when touching the products ,we can feel whether the quality  is   burly enough.Third is "smell", it should not have a pungent smell and it is good for us to choose the tasteless one. Fourth is "using", though this step we can see whether the quality is good or not !According to the four steps above , we can choose out the good-quality correction tape!


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