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2014 new trend in office stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-24


Office stationery is one of necessary tool in the work or study.That is why there is the rapid development at home and abroad.And, what is the new trend of office supplies in the 2014.Lepusheng thinks that there are the following key points in this year:
Theme stationery in animation,games,film
Cultural creative industry is considered to be one of the most potential for development in 21st century.It is take the important position in market.Every childred have their own favorite cartoon image.And the cartoon star or games star would be the best seller while printed on the stationeries.The related stationery with popular star will be the hot-selled.In addition, stationery combined with the online game also improve the sales of stationery.There are so many popular online game,cartoon and TV shows.So that this kind of theme stationery would be keep the hot sell.
Environmental protection office stationery
With the growth of green idea,"green design" become the business in office supplies.It is one of key points if environmental protection in stationery design and stationery production.There are so many stationeries on the stationery market in this year.There are own functon for each office supplies.But most of them be producted according to the human engineering.And the green material be full used in the stationery production.It is suit to the popular trend.
Fancy stationery 
Chinese parents have the hope the children become the famous person and pay more attention to the children enlightenment.So that the student stationey should be more attention by young parents.Especially the fancy stationery.Young parents willing to choose some fancy stationery which good for their children study but with high price.
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