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History of stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-13

The birth of an industry always with huge profit,most of them have to go through the starting,competing and mature.When the market into a mature competition environment,it means the proficts is as stablel as other industry and the this indutry is mature.This is the law of development of the industry,also the growth way of stationery.


Stationery industry have formed in the lates 1980s and the early 1990s.It is in the time of transition from planned economy to market econonmy.By separating the department industry,stationery manufacturing seems to be a small industry in the eyes of Chiese entrepreneurs.But now day,stationery industry has become the the fastest growing and  the most complete industry in the China light industries.And the annual sales of the China stationery and office stationery market was more than 100 billion RMB.


In the starting of the stationery development,there is few of domestic manufactures and the stationery produsts was depended on import.but the demand have increasing.with the development of the national economy,office supplies tured from the simple consumption into the comprehensive one.The demand of the stationery products of enterprise and individual also be more and more mature.


According to the domestic newspapers reported that Chinese stationery market capacity has reached 100 billion yuan.With the development of the domestic economy,group's pruchasing will increase so that to accelerate the development of stationery industry.


There are the primary stage,competition strage and the mature stage of stationery indstry if separated.At present, the stationery industry has entered the competition strage.And the single competition was turing into the multiple competition such as service, management and shopping environment.Facing to so many stationery,the choices for the consumers is more and more.Foreign competitors such as Maped from Frence open factory in Kunshan,the competition pressure continuously strengthen in the whole market and ever more in future competitions.


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