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Different marketing of stationery and how to become different?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-02


         Innovation of marketing model has become a new weapon in the development of many stationery enterprises., star marketing, event marketing, network marketing...The increasingly diversified marketing mode  surprisingly offers a variety of choices to the enterprise which in the complicated market competition .Stationery enterprises which want to  strengthen the concept of innovation and mechanism innovation must put  the innovation into the enterprise production, research and development, marketing, finance, management and whole process of diversified development, rely on the  innovation driving,and  improve the economic benefits of enterprises.


        Marketing innovation should also keep up with the times development, especially as the 80, 90, has become the main consumption in the market.To cater to their interest and do a better marketing also need to research, as the new generation of consumers will spent  most of the time on the Internet, they are eager to get information from the Internet.With the development of mobile terminal , network marketing and mobile marketing has become  the most effective way to affect the generation .Of course when enterprises are choosing the marketing mode ,they also need to follow their own positioning and development .Especially in the era of differentiation, it will be counterproductive when blindly following others.


        So in the innovation of marketing, how to have differentiation?With the improving income level of consumer and the change of consumption idea, it is easy to find that consumers not only pay attention to the value of a products  but also pay attention to the follow-up service the businessman provide after  purchasing the product .How to do it well to the after-sales service, we should  attract consumers, to let  them get the greater practical benefits,then the  psychological satisfaction will enhanced as well.This kind of satisfaction will spread while in the side of consumers, then form a good reputation of stationery brand.


       How important is a good brand reputation?Believe everyone has such an experience, when you want to buy a certain product, but you don't know the market of this kind of product  under the premise , then  you will consult friends, so, when you serve a customer well ,then you may be serve a group of customers.Therefore,when providing high quality products, the method of providing perfect service to consumers has become a new focus of competition to enterprise in stationery market.


       In addition, good reputation, or the high quality service is the core of building brand, brand influence is also the most solid immunity.Many stationery company begin to realize that they should  transform and upgrade to survive  in the "cold" external economic environment , so that they should spend a lot of manpower and material resources to build a brand. The war of brand in the stationery industry is starting , brand competition also began to enter into the age after differentiation.


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