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How do the stationery industry cope with brand crisis?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-07


          Recently,lots of stars are arrested because of taking drug, netizens make a drama, too,called "prison on fire".Stars take drug will not only brings a negative example to the society,but also damage their own reputation.Especially the idol star-Kezhengdong, he speaks 19 brands,but the income sharply reduced after he taking drug, of course,perhaps these personal loss is related to his action of taking drug, temporarily we don't have to talk too much, while for his endorsement of brand, it has caused an estimated impact.At present many enterprises use star aura image to drive the status and related products sales.Stationery industry development become mature, and the stationery brands are respected, if something similar happened makes the brand image by the crisis,then how do the stationery enterprises should deal with it?



           The importance of stationery brand is self-evident, especially in heated competition market stage, the brand image is positive factors to drive the product sales, but also cannot rule out the possible accidents.In the face of the brand crisis,office stationery enterprises need to come up with a positive attitude, the development of stationery industry has long history in our country, due to the low threshold, there are many interference factors in the process of brand development.With positive attitude and the right attitude to respond, is responsible for the brand maintenance, and also the best way to solve the crisis.


           In the stationery market, no matter the product quality problem or service dispute,they will all have a negative effects on the corporate brand.In the face of the crisis, the enterprise can not have a psychological fear, or dare not face with a problem or ignored it, then it will let this crisis to deepen.As the saying goes, "we will see the rainbow after every storm," on the road to development, will inevitably encounter all sorts of "stumbling block", enterprises need to have correct attitude, and regard it as a polish, and found their own weaknesses in crisis, and respond with a positive attitude for the general customers, then they can save themselves in distress.


           Brand crisis is serendipity and urgency, in this age of fast information propagation velocity, negative news will spread.When facing the brand crisis, there is no spare time to advise, but should acknowledge problems and show a positive attitude in the first time,so as to save the destruction of the brand.From the effect of impact on the enterprise brand image when a spokesperson taking drug, the enterprise will face the brand crisis, but need to press on with a positive attitude, this is the really the way to solve the problem.


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