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Stationery do electric business online is a counter attack for brand stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-28


     With the development of electric business online , e-commerce has gotten rid of  the extensive development model. Instead , it is turnning  into detailed development model period.In this case ,  brand influence is expanding rapidly no matter the hot brand of tao or some other large brands,they are now have a big effect online.
       As we all know,stationery industry is the perfectest and the fastest-growing light industry .Recently, the rapidly increasing amount of  stationery selling online means this industry is matching  the era.However,now the e-business market is focus gradually ,it makes the  market segment quite important .So the enterprises must position for their cutomers and provide more hearted service.Above these three points is just a start of the transition for brand stationery.
       The building of brand stationery must do a change on design and development of their products.The updated speed of a product online is far more rapidly than a offline brand product .So to those big brand of the offline , it is normal to  publish two or three series of products , but for the market online ,customers always wondering  to see newer and more special things .In a word , those who can meet their new requirement can be  the winner in this fierce competition,So except from the product quality guarantee,the merchants should speed up when designing ,and renew more multi-style and  more kinds of products to meet the cutomers requirement .Only in this way , enterprises can keep a foothold in online market .
       E-business is a new way  and different from traditional marketing channel.To those traditional stationery manufactures,starting an online selling model means expand a new way.If they devote themselves to this new way , it will probably transcend traditional enterprises.Therefore,it is essential  in the  future development of stationery industry.
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