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January 2013 Moscow International Consumer Goods Fair

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-26


【Exhibition information 】


Exhibition Date: January 21, 2013 -24 days
Venue: National Exhibition Centre in Moscow
The organizer: Ouyida international exhibition(Beijing)Co., LTD
The operators:Ouyida international exhibition(Beijing)Co., LTD


【Exhibition Background】


Moscow International Consumer Goods Fair is to Russia and Eastern Europe, one of the largest consumer goods exhibition, It has been held 24 sessions and an annual.And  the exhibition area of more than 18 million square meters.Meanwhile, it is a member of UFI world. The exhibition brings together a variety of consumer goods, the CIS and Eastern Europe as well as consumer products.It is one of the most important market place. Basides the CIS and Eastern European countries,there are lots of more than 12.00exhibitors from other contries.More than 50,000 professional trade visitors.


With the deepening of reform and the privatization of the International Political Status,Russian economy has already recovery and theforeign exchange reserves also reached  US$160 billion.There are more and more demand for all kinds of consumer goods and light industrial products.And Chinese export product are suitable to the Russia.This show will the best channel  to export to the  Russian and Eastern European markets.


In 2011, there are more than 23 countrieds and regeions such as Austria,Belgium,Germany, India,Spain, Italy,Poland,Slovenia,Turkey, Finland, the Czech republic,China and Hong Kong.And more than 500 enterprises have took part in the Russian international gift ambiente.Total area of 40000 square meters and total of 13800 vistors.And more than 80% of professional audience from Russia and other countries.Mostof them are mainly importers, wholesalers, professional buyer.As the low demand of stationery in Occident,Russia become the potential market for the Chinese stationery factory.


【Exhibition range】


1.Consumer goods, household goods, tableware, kitchen, health equipment, accessories, baby products, cosmetics, toys, office supplies, stationery, ceramic products, hardware and so on.

2.Gifts, jewelry, artificial flowers, Christmas gifts, crafts, glassware, lighting, clocks and watches.

3.Textiles and clothing, bags, gloves, wallets, neckties, bedding and so on.

4.Health care products, magnetic therapy instrument, health care and medicine.

5.Electronic products, CD, optical equipment, photographic equipment, communication products.

6.Home appliances and so on. All kinds of furniture, outdoor supplies, garden tools.


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