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Hard development behigh the prosperity stationery market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-10

In the past, stationery products is only meet of the demand of record,management.But now,there are many different personalized options in student stationery.It is make the prosperity development of current office supplies market.

But,behigh the prosperity,the rose shop rent and the deduct percent in market brought the high pressure of the stationery enterprise and dealers.So many brand are seek the new sales way then to keep the market share.

Similar withthe development of China stationery industry.But as the immature in market,there were no yet formed the loyal to the brand.For the current market situationa and the consumption level,people didn't have to buy a certain brand of stationery products.

At the same taime,the underestanding of brand or operation si not yet in place of stationery brand.It is not enough if only depand on the spokesperson or advertising.At present,in China market,there are two ways of the brand.One is traditional manaufacture with many year experience.And they take the target to the domestic market when steady in the market.

These companies are certainly has a huge consumption of resources, but it has been in the lowest in the chain industry.They unwilling to do the OEM production only then to start they own brand.But because lacked of brand operation.There are unsteady in the market and faced the changing market.More then thousands of people also make them miss the best opportunity.To do the brand construction is harder and harder.

And the other form is do the stationery wholesale sales.They were not satisfied with the original form then to make creation or proxy.So that they give up the low-end wholesale market.They thinks that the brand is succeed once display in the counters of shopping malls.

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